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SolidWorks Course

CADD Centre Chidambaram | Pondicherry SOLIDWORKS is a software tool that is used right from the conceptualization of the design until the final manufacturing of the product. As the world’s leading tool in designing, it supports interactive learning of 3D modeling. The implementation of such software can lend several benefits to the users, such as:

  • Shortened Design Cycle
  • Increased Productivity of Engineers and Designer
  • Faster Deliver Innovative Products

Course Objectives

The course aims to give students and professionals the essentials that is needed to become a certified SOLIDWORKS associate. The course will help individuals use the software with confidence and design/draft the next innovative thing.

Role in the Industry

  • SOLIDWORKS is used internationally by millions of companies
  • The software grants the designer, ability to import data, store it securely while maintaining flexibility and accessibility
  • Designers and engineers categorize SOLIDWORKS as an innovative way to accept project challenges

Course Highlights

The course teaches you how to use SolidWorks for planning, visual ideation, modeling, feasibility assessment, and prototyping. You will learn how to design and build mechanical, electrical, and software elements in your design. Training will be given in the following skills:

  • Sketch creation tools
  • Sketch editing tools
  • Part modeling features
  • Part editing features
  • Assembly modeling
  • Surface modeling
  • Sheet metal design
  • Weldment design
  • Drawing views & annotations
  • Model visualization

SolidWorks Career Prospects / Job Roles

Solidworks has a large community of users, and employers frequently seek candidates with SolidWorks experience. Students well versed in SolidWorks are placed as:

  • SolidWorks Design Engineer
  • SolidWorks Application Engineer
  • PDM Application Engineer
  • Project Engineer – SolidWorks
  • Design Engineer(Mechanical)

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